[release] Experience Manager 2.4.0

We are proud to announce the release of Experience Manager version 2.4.0.

In this version we had two main points that we wanted to implement.
One was to make it easier to create target audiences. Creating simple audiences should be as easy as possible.
Secondly, the integration into the eCommerce system should be improved. Did a customer buy something in the last 6 months and did he use coupons? This information is tracked and can be used to create target audiences.

Tracking of ecommerce events

Turn your visitors into customers and your customers into returning customers. The first part is down with default segmentation and personalization.
The second part, creating returning customers, has not been possible so far. We simply did not know whether it was a customer or not. But with the new tracking of eCommerce events this is now possible. Depending on the number of orders in a certain period or the number of coupons used, individual target groups can be created. These target groups can then be addressed specifically with offers or advertising tailored to them.

With support for the major WordPress eCommerce systems we provide you the tools to grow your online eCommerce business in the coming year.

More help

Creating target audience is not always easy. So this release contains a simple introduction into the segment editor ui and a simple wizard, that helps you creating simple audiences. These target audiences can be further adapted afterwards.

Introduction into the ui
Wizard for basic audience creation

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