[released] Experience Manager 3.1.0

We are proud to announce the release 3.1.0 of the Experience Manager!

Release notes

  • [Feature] Divi integration added
  • [Feature] Made configurations configurable
  • [Maintenance] Update Gutenberg integration build to use official wp-scripts


We think every single feature in this release is fantastic! But we want to emphasize the Divi integration, because it is the first time that you can create personalized content in DIVI.

Divi integration

Divi is a widely used theme and page builder for WordPress. So we can not longer ignore it. Experience Manager 3.1.0 introduce first support for Divi.

Targeting for Sections

After enabling the targeting for a section, you can configure the visibility by audience.

Due to some limitations of the Divi API, it is currently only possible to define targeting on sections. We are working to change that in the future.

Configurable integrations

This change will probably require your intervention.

Integration must be activated.

Before version 3.1.0 every integration was enabled by default if the target addon is installed. From now on, you have to activate yourself every integration you want to use. That means, if you already use the Experience Manager, you have to activate all integrations you are using already.

If an integration cannot be activated because, for example, the corresponding plug-in is not installed, it is grayed out and cannot be clicked on.

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