[released] Experience Platform 5.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of version 5.0.0 of the Experience Platform.

Actually it was supposed to be version 4.4.0, but due to a big problem with the all segments definition we had to make the step to 5.0.0. This is due to changes that are incompatible with the old versions.

Experience Platform (14 downloads)

Release notes

  • [Feature] Incompatible change! We introduced a new segment definition language.
  • [Bug] We had to remove the old segment definition language.
  • [Feature] Deprecated API has been removed.
  • [Feature] The current process id is now written to a file.
  • [Feature] We have introduced a few extension points that are relevant to the hosting that we want to offer.
  • [Feature] Incompatible change! We removed the unused system modules and renamed common modules to system modules.
  • [Feature] It is possible now to filter the segments by site, so that you only see the segments for a single site.
  • [Feature] On internal erros, a custom error page is now used.

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