Introducing CoreModules

With the upcoming major release of the Experience Platform we introduce CoreModules.
CoreModules are mainly used to extract core functionality from the Experience Platform into to separated modules.

This separation has many advantages.

Simplify the build process

The process of building the Experience Platform is very complex and takes long. With the CoreModules this is much faster because not all unit test have to be executed everytime.

Extending the Core Platform

The core platform was never meant to be extendable. But this makes it hard to maintain different sets of functions. For example the on premise version and the SaaS version.
The CoreModules helps us to switch parts of the core platform without recompile everytime.

Module development

Before the CodeModules if you want to extend or change core functionality, the only way was to change the core software. With CoreModules it is possible just to update a single module. This is realy cool and provides totaly new possiblities.

What’s next

That’s a great question. The next relase will be version 3.0.0. The CoreModules replace most of the important functionality. But there are still some parts, that are not easy to replace. These will be changed later.

This step makes a huge impact on future development and hopefully, new features can be implemented faster.

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