A word about privacy

We honor privacy!

In a time when everything is moving closer together and everything is moving faster and faster, the privacy of an individual is often forgotten. We don’t do that.

We believe everyone has a right to know what happens to their data on the Internet. We do not store any personal data. Every visitor receives an anonymous ID from us. This ID cannot and will not be associated with any personal data. If a visitor deletes his cookies, he receives a new anonymous ID. It is not possible to associate these IDs in any way.

We DoNoTrack!

If you prefer privacy over personalized content, we honor that. Just enable DNT in your browser!

No cross domain tracking

We believe that the operator of an Internet site should decide on the data alone. Therefore we only use first-party cookies and do not support cross domain tracking in any form.
The only exception is the support for sub domains.

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