[released] Experience Platform 4.1.0

We are proud to announce the release 4.1.0 of the Experience Platform. This version contains some internal changes that make it not backward compatible.

The main focus of this version was to improve the performance when calculating the segments. As well as first steps, which should enable a SaaS offer.

Attention: this version is not backward compatible. You need Experience Manager version 3.0.0 for this release.

Experience Platform (22 downloads)

Release notes

  • [Feature] index.html with redirect to manager added to root path
  • [Feature] It is possible no to add custom attributes to audiences.
  • [Feature] Performance improvement for segmente generation, only load segments for a specific site
  • [Feature] Do not track events when triggered by a crawler
  • [Feature] Renew the request id after each reload
  • [Bugfix] Fix the Extension upload

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