Roadmap & Ideas

We always look for new cool ideas to extend our product. The following list is a collection of those ideas.


A/B Testing and Experiments are absolutly necessary to create a digital experience.
Without testing, you can’t possibly know if your changes were successful or not.


Audience based recommendations.
In addition to the standard recommendations, the behavior of the customer must also be used to generate recommendations.

Personalized CSS & JavaScript

The idea is realy simple. A dynamic CSS that depends on the user segments.

It’s already possible to user user segments in custom JavaScript. But this must be improved to be easier in use and the capability to hook the preview.

Dynamic Links

Short links that refer to different destinations depending on the user segments.

Dynamic Media

A dynamic medium that show different images depending on the user segments.

Bob wants to encourage Big Spender to buy more often.

Bob uses Flex Content and WooCommerce coupons  to get big spenders to buy more often.

He creates a popup for the Big Spender Audience that shows the coupon code only to this target audience!

Bob thinks it's a great idea to place product recommendations on the home page.

Recommendations are a great way to increase the shopping basket size.

Show your customers products they recently viewed or popular products. 

Bob uses Flex Content to implement a simple Product Recommendation Widget on the start page.

How to find the right segments!

Web Analytics, the WooCommerce Dashboard or our Metrics Module can help you do this.

Do you have customers who keep looking at products from certain categories. Or customers who spend significantly more than the average You can use all this information to define segments!

Bob decides to target customers who spend a lot with targeted promotions.