Experience Manager

The Experience Manager integrates all tools you need to engage your customers and build an awesome user experience.

Target Segmentation

The segmentation of your customers is the heard of the Experience Manager and let you create personalized content for different segments.


Create content that targets your users segments. Deliver content that matters and performs. Don't bother your customers with unwanted content.

Content creation

Out of the box we support Gutenberg and Elementor. If you are not using one of these page builders you can still use our shortcode.


Tracking of user events and segmentation are the heart of the Experience Manager. The classification of visitors and customers enables the creation of personalized experiences.

Target segment editor

The segment creation is done with a simple JavaScript dialect. But for first time users there is a simple getting started wizard to easly configure your first segment.
The segment can be customized afterwards.

In order to assign your visitors to the segments, the segments must be transferred to the Experience Platform. This is done automatically when the segments are published. You can see the status in the Publish box on the right. There you can see synced if your current status has been successfully transferred to the Experience Platform and out of sync if this is not the case.


For working with target group oriented content, it is extremely important to always be able to identify them. Therefore the Experience Manager toolbar integrates into the WordPress Admin Bar.

When you are logged in and you are on a page that contains targeted content, the Experience Manager toolbar becomes colorful. This means that somewhere on the current page there is content for which targeting is configured.

Experience Manager toolbar, with no targeted content on page
Experience Manager toolbar, with targeted content on page

The Experience Manager Toolbar in action.



We integrate well into the PopupMaker plugin


Do you use Advanced Ads, make use of our targeting capabilities.

The only requirement for the Experience Manager is a running Experience Platform. The Experience Platform is a simple REST service that provides backend functionality.


The Experience Manager is part of the official WordPress plugin repository: Experience Manager


The documentation is located in the Knowledge Base Experience Manager